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What Our Clients Are Saying!


"I can’t thank ActiveBody Fitness and Brandon Kutka enough for helping me turn my life around. I started with ActiveBody to resolve sciatica on my right side, which eventually affected my right hip and knee.  On the way, I attained so much more!  I changed my nutrition, lost 65 pounds (to date) and have become more physically fit.

My doctor is thrilled that Brandon has set up a strength training regime for me, something that is often left out of our exercise routines as we age. Thrilled with my weight loss, she has been able to take me off some of my blood pressure medications.  Brandon encouraged me from day one to watch my nutrition. We worked on different programs until we found one that worked with my life style and that my system responded to.

Finally, I’d like to mention the psychological changes that have occurred…. “The Exercise Effect”.  I sleep better, I am happier, I feel less stressed.  Family and friends have noticed this change as well.  It’s a life-style change, it’s a commitment, it’s hard-work but the results are totally worth it."

Althea K.


How Training With Us Has Helped Change Their Lives!

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