About Brendon Bourdo

About Brendon Bourdo

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Personal Trainer

Owner and General Manager

I had never exercised regularly let alone gone to a gym in my life before 2013.  Lack of exercise and not watching what I was eating led to weight gain all through my 30’s. Ultimately, I found myself weighing 350 pounds with high blood pressure, high triglycerides, low “good” cholesterol and on my way to being diabetic.

In 2013 I made the decision to undergo bariatric surgery as a tool to help me lose the excess weight and change my lifestyle. After losing some weight, I signed up for personal training at a local gym to learn how to exercise properly. I was extremely intimidated and self-conscious about going to the gym with so many people watching the “fat guy”, and for a while it was pretty uncomfortable.

That feeling eventually passed, but I can truly empathize with people in that type of situation – wanting to get started with exercise but intimidated by the gym setting. After a year working with a trainer, I wanted to do more to share what fitness is about, how important it is, and make it more approachable for the average person. I started ActiveBody Fitness to provide a less intimidating, more personal environment to learn about fitness without the distractions and drama of a typical gym.

We strive to offer a top-notch, positive training experience for our clients and I’m thrilled that we’re able to help them improve their overall fitness, daily life, and reach their goals!

Strength Training

For adults seeking to enahace their athletic performance in recreational and competitive sports.


Learn several mobility excercises to improve your flexibility and function.

Weight Loss

Lose weight through customized workout plans and diet plans.


Brendon Bourdo

Peronal Trainer, NASM-CPT, CES

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