About Brandon Kutka

About Brandon Kutka

My Story.
My Mission.

B.S. Exercise Science, Carroll University


Owner and Lead Trainer

I started my fitness journey at an early age, trying to figure why some people were stronger than others. I found it fascinating that by working out and lifting weights, I could be faster and stronger. My passion soon became my profession when I graduated from Carroll University with my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and a Minor in Sports nutrition.

After college, I started personal training for the big-box gyms and found myself in a rut.  I wasn’t a fan of putting the client second and focusing on quotas for the month, or being micro-managed on how to train my clients.  We started ActiveBody Fitness in 2014 to put the focus back on clients so they receive the results they desire without the hassles of a big gym environment.  I focus on weight loss, strength training, muscle mass, and toning.  I’m also a big proponent of corrective exercise, and it has helped me personally with muscular imbalances and pain.

For those who are having pain in their joints or specific regions of the body, I’d be more than happy to show you what a detailed exercise regimen can do for you.

Strength Training

For adults seeking to enahace their athletic performance in recreational and competitive sports.


Learn several mobility excercises to improve your flexibility and function.

Weight Loss

Lose weight through customized workout plans and diet plans.


Brandon Kutka

Peronal Trainer, NASM-CPT, CES

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