About Kenny English

About Kenny English

My Story.
My Mission.

B.S. Exercise Science, University of Wisconsin Parkside


Certified Personal Trainer

Wellness is something that is important to me and I think it goes further than just the way you look. I believe it is the way you present yourself, it’s how you feel and its confidence. I want to help spread this and teach individuals the benefits associated with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I became interested in fitness when I realized the affects it has on an individual’s physical performance, specifically in sports and I knew I could get stronger and faster if I began an exercise program that included resistance exercises. This is also the reason why I studied exercise science in college.

I specialize in weight loss, group training, sport training and injury prevention. I will tailor each program to the individual and design each workout so she or he has the best results. I will base this on long- and short-term goals, abilities, experience and desires.

Strength Training

Adults seeking to enhance their athletic performance in recreational and competitive sports.


Learn several mobility exercises to improve your flexibility and function. 

Weight Loss

Lose weight through customized workout plans from your personal trainer.


Kenny English

Certified Peronal Trainer, ACSM-CPT

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